In 2013, the Society of Interventional Radiology introduced IR Quarterly, a magazine that communicates updates critical to the practice of IR, augmented with stories, interviews and in-depth analysis in each 40-page issue. IR Quarterly delivers interventional radiologists quality reporting on political advocacy, practice management and the latest specialty news and information. The print edition is published in January, April, July and October. 

The digital version of IR Quarterly launched in fall 2016. This platform offers readers a new way to access and interact with content, including:

  • Audio/visual materials not included in print
  • Links to additional online resources
  • A layout designed to work well on desktop, tablet or smartphone platforms
  • Access to exclusive content and preview content published it appears in print
  • The ability to comment on and discuss articles
  • The ability to share articles online via Twitter or email

Both the print and online versions of IR Quarterly are a no-cost benefit to SIR members. For more information about all the benefits of SIR membership, click here. To subscribe to e-IRQ for one year as a nonmember, click here.

For inquiries and suggestions, contact irq@sirweb.org.

EDITOR Jaimin D. Shah, MD
DEPUTY EDITOR Roger T. Tomihama, MD
CONSULTING EDITOR Barbara Nickel Hamilton, MD

R. Torrance Andrews, MD, FSIR
Brian Covelo, MD (RFS representative)
Sudhen B. Desai, MD, FSIR

Erik Cressman, MD, PhD, FSIR
Joseph Erinjeri, MD
Ripal Gandhi, MD, FSIR
Suvranu Ganguli, MD, FSIR
Evan W. Harris, MD, RPVI
Keith M. Horton, MD, FSIR
Adam B. Jeffers, MD
Lisa Kang, MD
Warren Krackov, MD
Hirschel McGinnis, MD
J. Kevin McGraw, MD, FSIR
Gerald A. Niedzwiecki, MD, FSIR
Rex Pillai, MD
Raj Pyne, MD, FSIR

Martin Radvany, MD, FSIR
Devan Ramachandran, MD (RFS representative)

Anthony Ryan, MD
Deepak Sudheendra, MD, RPVI, FSIR
Roger T. Tomihama, MD

Keith M. Hume